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LKS (Akomodasi Perhotelan)

1.      Factor which influence ineffective communication is…
a.       Cultural similarity factor
b.      Language similarity factor
c.      Cultural difference factor
d.      Taste similarity factor

2.      What supporting equipment is to be used to clean the ceiling…
a.     Rack bowl
b.      Palm broom
c.       Telescopic stick
d.      Mop with stick

3.      The manually equipment used to clean the toilet bowl is…
a.       Floor brush
b.     Toilet bowl brush
c.       Lobby duster
d.      Hand brush

4.      The required stock to be arranged on trolley cart is…
a.       Linen, towel, deposit box, chemical, equipment
b.      Linen, chocolate, guest room supplies, chemical
c.       Linen, towel, guest room supplies, chemical, iron
d.     Linen, towel, bathroom & bed room, chemical, equipment

5.      The amount of linen needed while cleaning rooms has t be matched with the amount of rooms which is…
a.       Occupied & Sleep Out
b.      Vacant Clean & Occupied
c.       Out Of Order & check Out
d.     Check Out & Occupied Dirty

6.      Procedure which must be followed to fill in trolley supplies correctly and safely is…
a.       According to the taste of attendant and the rooms which want to be cleaned
b.      According to the kind of goods and the important which are filled in the trolley
c.      Arranged by kind of load, health and the safety
d.      Arranged by kind of and the land which heaviest put on the top

7.      Format which is generally used by room attendant when cleans the room called…
a.       Discrepancies reported                        c.   Damage report
b.      Room boy control sheet              d.   Housekeeping report
8.      Who should check the room after cleaned by room attendant?
a.       Order Taker                                         c.  Supervisor
b.      Executive Housekeeper                         d.  Training Manager

9.      Which one of the following items in the bathroom with the give-away categories?
a.       Face towel                                           c.  Hand towel
b.      Amenities                                        d.  Bath mat

10.  After identifying the room status, the first room to be the prioritized to be cleaned is the room with status of …
a.       Check Out                                       c.  Out of Order
b.      Occupied                                             d.  Sleep Out

11.  The first step when entering the guest room is…
a.     Knock the door and introduce yourself and then propose the aim of knocking the door
b.      Introduce yourself and knocking the door when you want clean the room
c.       Knock and directly open the door when you want clean the room
d.      Knock the door as strong as you can and introduce yourself when you want clean the room 

12.  Standard operation procedure mentioning identify of room attendant on generally when entering the room is…
a.     Housekeeping…
b.      Room service good morning …
c.       Good morning room attendant…
d.      Room boy good morning…

13.  Knocking the door or ringing the bell 3 times with sufficient considerate time is the standard before entering room with status…
a.       Occupied                                             c.  Vacant
b.      Out of Order                                       d.  All Status

14.  The person assigned to pick up and deliver guest’s luggage in the room is…
a.       Door man                                            c.  Room attendant
b.      Guest valet                                          d.  Bell boy / porter

15.  In servicing the important guest by individual in the room is handled by…
a.       Room Butler                                  c.  Manager
b.      Supervisor                                           d.  Executive Housekeeper
16.  Part of bed are cleaned, checked all cushion and linen to know if there is a spot or damage. The process is called…
a.       Open bed room                                   c.  Extra bed
b.      Striping bed                                   d.  Checking the stain

17.  Cleaning material which is used to clean drink spot in carpet is called…
a.       Ink go                                                  c.  Bon go
b.      Yellow go                                            d.  Rust go

18.  Standard amount of sheet for one bed at 4 and 5 Star Hotel is…
a.       2 sheet                                                 c. 4 sheet
b.      3 sheet                                               d. 1 sheet

19.  Due to the low occupancy rate in a 5-star  hotel where are you working as a room attendant, you are assigned to tidy up 10 rooms with the following details:
 - 2 double room with status check out
- 5 double room with status occupied
- 3 twin room with status sleep out
You are asked to count the number of sheets to be changed by considering the status and the number of room…
a.       15 sheet                                               c.  21 sheet
b.      18 sheet                                               d.  20 sheet

20.  If twin bed room is occupied by 2 persons, then the position when opening bed is…
a.     Fold position on left and right inside part are face to face
b.      All fold position on the right side
c.       Fold position o left and right out part are back to back
d.      All fold position on the left side

21.  To clean electrical room equipment we use…
a.       Damp cloth                                         c.  Dry cloth
b.      Wet cloth                                            d.  Dust cloth

22.  Cleaning the bathroom, there are some work to be done consecutively/sequances. The first part to do is cleaning the…
a.       Toilet bowl                                          c.  Bathtub
b.      Mirror & Wash basin      d.  Shower curtain

23.  Standard operation procedure to clean the bath room is…
a.       Clean wash basin, flush on the toilet bowl, wash and polish mirror, clean bathtub, clean toilet bowl, restocking guest supplies, mop the floor
b.      Wash and polish mirror, flush on toilet bowl, clean wash basin, clean bathtub, clean toilet bowl, restocking guest supplies, mop the floor 
c.      Flushing on toilet bowl, wash and polish mirror, clean wash basin, clean bathtub, clean toilet bowl, restocking guest supplies, mop the floor
d.      Restocking guest supplies, flush on toilet bowl, wash and polish mirror, clean wash basin, clean bathtub, clean toilet bowl, mop the floor

24.  Restocking guest amenities in the bathroom, the right action is…
a.       Before mop the floor                   c.  Before clean mirror
b.      After mop the floor                              d.  After clean the bathtub

25.  AC temperature must be returned at standard hotel position. It is done for the room…
a.       Occupied                                             c.  VIP guest
b.      Out of Order                                       d.  Check Out

26.  All the guest items when you clean the room should be rearranged as the original position. This is done for the room status…
a.       Occupied Dirty                               c.  Out of Order
b.      Check Out                                            d.  Occupied No Luggage

27.  What part to be checked before using the vacuum cleaner …
a.      Dust cloth                                             c.  Dust bag
b.      Metal pressure                                     d.  Soft brush

28.  The person assigned to pick up and deliver guest’s cloth in the room is…
a.      Door man                                            c.  Valet
b.      Mini bar runner                                   d.  Room Attendant

29.  Kind of towel to be put on next bathtub is …
a.       Hand towel                                         c.  Face towel
b.     Bath towel                                          d.  Bath mat

30.  Face towel as hotel standard is to be placed on…
a.       Wash basin table                          c.  Toilet bowl cover
b.      Hanger                                                 d.  Toilet bowl tank

31.  One guest supply for the guest’s bathroom of the hotel is…
a.       Sewing kit                                           c.  Emery board
b.      Cotton bud                                          d.  Soap

32.  Item included in give away guest supplies in bathroom is…
a.       Shampoo                                         c.  Bath mat
b.      Bath robe                                             d.  Hair dryer

33.  Primary task for pest control section is…
a.       Annihilate pest/insect
b.      Gather and destroy pest/insect
c.      Prevent or minimized annoyance pest/insect
d.      Control and annihilate mosquito larva

34.  What kind of action do you take if there is malfunctioned equipment in one of the rooms which is being cleaned and you can’t fix it? 
a.       To report the situation after finishing all the work to supervisor or order taker
b.     To report the situation soon after you are facing the problem
c.       To report the situation after finishing the work of one room to supervisor or order taker
d.      To report the situation to the nearest room boy and then the room boy reports it to the supervisor or order taker

35.  Kind of format which is used to record guest stuffs which are left is called…
a.       Lost and found tag                                c.  Work sheet
b.      Lost and found form                   d.  Work order

36.  Time period for storing guest stuffs which are left (valuable think) according to hotel standard is…
a.       a   year                                              c.  3  months
b.      2 year                                                   d.  7 days

37.  … is part of room attendant trolley which uses a plastic bag as cover or to avoid drop of wet trash.
a.       Linen humper                                       c.  Pail
b.      Garbage humper                          d.  Carry bucket

38.  Name of column to see guest room supplies which is used after you finish cleaning the room at format room attendant control sheet is…
a.       Total used                                       c.  Remark
b.      Room status                                        d.  Total received

39.  The format which is used to follow up the different room status report between front office and housekeeping is…
a.       Lost and found tag                             c.  Luggage tag
b.      Discrepancy report                     d.  Room report

40.  Kind of transparent curtain hotel called…
a.       Day curtain                                   c.  Blind curtain
b.      Black out curtain                                 d. Shower curtain

41.  Tool’s in the bathroom which is especially used to urinate for woman is…
a.       Toilet bowl                                          c.  Urinary
b.      Septic tank                                          d.  Bidet

42.  One included in kind of guest linen supplies is…
a.       Bath towel, pillow case, sheet, pillow protector
b.      Dust cloth, bath towel, pillow protector, sheet, pillow case
c.       Bath towel, pillow protector, sheet, pillow, rubber mat
d.     Bath towel, bed protector, sheet, pillow case

43.  Envelop, letter head, post card, sticker put in one folder. The folder is called…
a.       Compendium                              c.  Drawer
b.      Office stationary                                 d.  a and b are right

44.  Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, tooth brush are…
a.       Stationary                                            c.  Amenities
b.      Compendium                                       d.  Linen supplies

45.  One of prerequisite to be called as a good listener is…
a.     Giving a responds accord guest
b.      Responding guest accord self appetite
c.       Responding guest with upset felling
d.      Listen of guest conversation with face turn

46.  In case of fire in the room will be detected by…
a.       Smoke detector                            c.  Fire alarm
b.      Fire extinguisher                                 d.  Wake up call

47.  When linen hamper available in the room attendant, trolley cart has been already full, the linen will be brought to…
a.       Linen cut                                       c.  Housekeeping
b.      Laundry                                              d.  Uniform section

48.  The switch placed beside guest entering door is…
a.       Saving energy                                     c.  Main switch
b.      Key of card                                         d.  Central lamp

49.  Trolley which is used by room attendant is…
a.       Room service trolley                           c.  Flam bed trolley
b.      Room attendant trolley             d.  Public are trolley

50.  Basically work accident will happen if you…
a.       Follow work procedure correctly       
b.      Use tool accord to SOP         
c.       Use chemistry accord SOP
d.     Follow wrong work procedure

51.  The one of general procedures to combat fire risk inside the hotel is…
a.       Run and yell fire                                
b.      Call operator
c.      Keep calm, don’t panic report supervisor
d.      Try to find and pour the water over the fire location

52.  We know name of guests from…
a.       Housekeeper                                       c.  Telephone operator
b.      Porter                                                  d.  Reservation

53.  After finishing the work, trolley with all it is contain must be cleaned and be tided back. This is aimed at…
a.       Preventing tools damaged too fast     c.  Looking tidy
b.      Moving the trolley easily                    d.  Complying with the hotel rules    

54.  The terminology of Tuck in opening bed is…
a.       Make fold 45 degree                c.  Throwing sheet
b.      Put in sheet to mattress                      d.  Pulling sheet

55.  To save energy and time in making bed, so we use the system of…
a.       Spreading                                            c.  Tuck in
b.      Tuck out                                              d.  Clock wise

56.  To clean the window and the mirror, the cleaning technique that can be used is…
a.       Dump dusting                                        c.  Mopping
b.      Glass squeegee                               d.  Polishing

57.  To save time used in running back and fort for supplies…
a.       Park the trolley cart againt the wall
b.     Prepared the trolley cart property
c.       Respected the hygienic rules
d.      Coming to work use the main entrance

58.  To prevent hotel guest slips down in the bathroom you must supply the bathroom with…
a.       Table mat                                             c.  Bath towels
b.      Rubber bath rug                           d.  Bath curtain

59.  Flushing the toilet bowl and pouring chemicals is the first step to clean the bathroom, which aim at…
a.       Neutralizing the smell                            c.  Convincing the water capacity
b.      Disposing the trash left               d.  Convincing the water flusher works

60.  The box used to shave tool is…
a.       Tool kit                                                c.  Sewing kit
b.      Cleaning kit                                         d.  Shaving kit

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